It was a great opportunity to work with the "Up All Night" planning committee and UTEP Office of Student Life to work on several promotional items for UTEP's traditional event: Up All Night: Midnight Breakfast! This semi-annual tradition went through a makeover with new ideas, relaxation tips, techniques and activities, and much more. The experience begins with a change in venue, at the Union Building! Up All Night consists of fun, lots of study space, and of course the traditional midnight breakfast.
As a countdown towards the event, the Office of Student Life decided to use the Union Gallery as a place for students to have coffee breaks, study tips, and study for two weeks. The design for both promotional posters consists of a coffee cup. Then, both posters consists elements that contribute with the event itself. Up All Night consists of elements of forks, donuts, eggs and bacon. S3 Cafe consists of elements of books, pencils, and gears.
CLIENT: UTEP Office of Student Life
I was also given the opportunity to design they Up All Night website!
Photos by Ivan Pierre Aguirre/UTEP Communications and Office of Student Life
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